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A Well-Rounded Athlete

My primary goal is to help athletes of any age become better athletes.*  Not necessarily better baseball or volleyball players, better gymnasts or golfers, or better stand-up paddle boarders. Rather, I help build better athletes: more coordinated, synchronous athletes with better balance, agility, and fluidity, along with skills outside of their primary sport.

*Yes, YOU are an athlete! Even if you don't wear a jersey with a number on the back. Even if you think you are too young or too old to be an athlete. Even if "performance" or "competition" are words you seldom use. Life has challenges. We all have to conquer them.


Did you see Super Bowl '17 (Patriots vs Falcons)? Do you remember the catch Julian Edelman made?

Who doesn't?! IT WAS INCREDIBLE!! (a link to the video is below)

He was able to make that catch because he had performed many similar movements in his athletic life, some not at all related to football. After the game, reporters asked him if he had practiced that catch. Paraphrasing his response, he said "How could I? It was a unique circumstance with unique conditions. How could you replicate that in practice??"

A full spectrum of movement experiences allows for IMPROVISATION during games or matches. Superior athletes in all sports excel at improvisation.

Here at PSS, my expertise helps build a vast library of movement experiences using the latest principles of that old concept, cross-training.

Long-term Athletic Development

Long-term Athletic Development (LTAD) is an approach for young athletes prioritizing a safe progression of motor skills, building physical literacy, and progressing individually based on DEVELOPMENTAL AGE, not chronological age. LTAD works to remedy the drawbacks of sports specialization, like overtraining, burnout,  and injury. An important benefit of LTAD is increased adherence to life-long healthy behaviors and an enthusiasm for activity beyond the competitive years.

Adults are welcome!

Adults sometimes need structure and exercise guidance. I provide adult exercisers opportunities to improve their fitness in a fun and challenging environment. A variety of options are available, from small group classes to individual programming (including goal-setting and nutritional counseling). Call to find out the many services available to adults wishing to become better athletes. 

Depth of the Programming

During a typical session, most, if not all of the following types of training are incorporated. Keeping with our neurological training premise, sessions are deigned to be engaging, fun, and appropriately challenging.

  • balance 
  • agility 
  • speed 
  • eye-hand 
  • foot-speed 
  • strength 
  • plyometric 
  • head position/vision 
  • body awareness 
  • confidence in movement
  • poise in critical situations
  • leadership skills 
  • age-appropriate nutritional counseling

My Philosophy

At Pasadena Sport Science, I practice proven methods based on peer-reviewed research in the exercise sciences. I value hard-work and dedication. I DON'T believe in shortcuts!  Your ownership in the process is the key to athletic success.

Julian Edelman's Super Bowl '17 Catch

Improvisation at the elite level.

Athletic Development in the Pasadena area